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    The Knowledge of God’s Glory

    We have to understand that what happens when a believer is born again is just as powerful and dramatic as creation was. The power of revelation that touches the human heart when God speaks into our spirit is the same power that formed all creation.

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    One King – Jerusalem 2015 (Video)

    The issue of Israel and the Middle East is escalating in the nations and this is the time for a fresh approach to the issue. It’s time for a robust and comprehensive approach to the issue based on solid, biblical foundations. For more information, visit and join us in Jerusalem next June.

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    The Mission to Every Tribe and Tongue

    The church’s mission to every tribe and tongue is usually presented in terms of evangelism, when we look carefully at the verses in the New Testament that describe the church in every tribe and tongue, we find that evangelism is only one component of what God will bring to pass in the nations before Jesus returns.

  • God's Goal for Prayer and Missions in the Global Church

    A Biblical Basis for Global Worship and Prayer

    One of the most prominent trends at the end of the age is a global movement of worship and intercession. God has designed that the age will end in an extravagant demonstration of worship and prayer as a gift of love to Jesus accompanied by unequalled intercession. This intercession will be one of the primary means by which the church cooperates with God in His plan to end the age.

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  • God's Goal for Prayer and Missions in the Global Church

    Prayer as a Missiological Objective

    If the Bible predicts that the church must become a praying church worldwide, it means that prayer must become a missiological objective because we want to produce what God wants in the nations. When we think missions we cannot only think about evangelism and church planting, we must also think about the establishment of prayer and worship in a region because God wants prayer in every tribe and tongue as an expression of the church in the nations.

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    Paul’s Apostolic Use of Privilege

    One thing that is consistent in Paul’s life is his willingness to use his own strength and ability for the sake of others. Paul’s body, his rights, and his privileges were simply tools and resources that he willingly used to advance the church. Paul’s suffering in the city of Philippi provides one of the best examples of how Paul functioned in this way an apostle.

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    Two Common Errors Regarding Israel

    There are two common errors made when people think about modern Israel. Each of these errors is significant because they can cause us to not recognize God’s purposes for Israel nor relate to His purposes properly. The two errors we must recognize are offering unbiblical mercy and gentile arrogance.

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    Jesus and Him Crucified

    In Corinthians 2, Paul states that he has intentionally decided to limit himself to one topic: “Jesus and Him crucified.” Paul explains in that chapter that this single, determined pursuit is what forms the essential element of his preaching. It is what produces a demonstration of the gospel before the people.

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    Paul’s Determination

    Paul’s apostolic determination is what set the focus of his life and his preaching. Paul recognized that his preaching was not primarily done in words, but it was done in demonstration. He understood that, as a messenger, he was intended to be a living, breathing illustration of his message.

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  • The Fruit of a Prayer Movement

    The Fruit of a Prayer Movement (Video)

    The present conflict in the Middle East is not primarily a geopolitical issue. It is primarily the fruit of 1,300 years of night and day prayer in the region. When we examine the fruit of that prayer movement, one thing is clear – it’s time for a new prayer movement that acknowledges that God does have a Son.

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    The Future Fall of the City of Babylon

    Jeremiah 50-51 is the longest continual prophecy in the Bible and therefore it deserves careful study as one of the key passages in the Scripture. While many assume that this prophecy was exhaustively fulfilled in ancient history, when we examine the prophecy closely we find that there are many details in the prophecy that were not fulfilled in ancient history and therefore have a future application.